String quartet „Black Tie“ |   - Play

     String quartet „Black Tie“ is unique music underneath for elite actions: classics, an easy jazz, the pleasant background music and favourite melodies by all, performed by the professional musicians, who have ended the Kiev conservatory and is a winners of many prestigious competitions. You can employ various structures of musicians: duet (2 violins), a trio (2 violins and a violoncello, or 2 violins and a synthesizer), a quartet (2 violins, an alto and a violoncello), and small ensemble (a quartet + a flute). Also we have the best quality for your price. All depends on your desire and your purposes, but for 85 % of actions the best structure is the string quartet.
     String quartet „Black Tie“ becomes fine addition in the organisation of your holiday. «Live music» on such actions as wedding, presentation, ball, corporate evening, anniversary, birthday, a business meeting, an exhibition, a banquet, a buffet table, walk by the steam-ship, a party in club, a carnival, New year, day of St. Valentine, Eighth of March will give to special solemnity!

We know, how good music sounds, and we will help you to hear it.

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